A Computerised Maintenance Management Software designed specifically for HSTP Servicing Companies who are ready to improve their business processes.

OWRA allows businesses to streamline all employee’s functions so the business can run smoothly without time delays or double handling of information. Boasting cost savings at every stage, OWRA enables HSTP servicing companies to harness real-time reporting technology to increase business efficiency.

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Manage the entire customer lifecycle using our industry specific CRM Process

Job Scheduler

Allocate & Schedule routine and one-off jobs easily using our drag & drop scheduler

Digital Reporting

Submit reports to customers and council with the push of a button

Quote Generator

Create & submit quotes to customers while onsite.

Report Template Generator

Create job-specific reports to ensure every field technician completes all necessary tasks while onsite.

Industry Specific Database

Access an industry-specific database with product manuals.

It’s time to say goodbye to:

  •   Fragmented Processes
  •   Delayed Communication
  •   Double Handling Information
  •   Paper, Pens, Carbon Booklets
  •   Missing Service Reports.
  •   Half-filled Service Reports
  •   Messy Handwriting
  •   Getting lost on the way to a job.
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Field & Office Integration

Operate in the office using our admin interface or onsite using the OWRA app.

Industry-specific database

Access a default database of industry-specific products and add/edit to suit your company’s specific needs .

Real-time reporting

Allocate, complete, and submit job reports with the push of a button.

Council Integration

Submit information directly to council databases.

Industry Specific Customer profile

All fields required to manage your customers HSTP are factored into our detailed customer profile.

Admin Interface and Field App

Both the office and field staff have design specific interfaces to maximise productivity ad ease of use.


OWRA allows you to manage all Installations, Servicing, Commissioning, Desludging (pumps outs) Emergency call outs, Pre-sale inspections and many more. The time saving alone is reason enough to invest in using OWRA for your company’s reporting requirements.

OWRA is broken down into two payments

Setup Cost (one off)

This covers your Company's Initial setup & training.

Monthly Subscription

Covers monthly usage + technical & aftersales support.

Introductory Package

OWRA is currently offering an introductory package that includes a 1-month free trial & reduced rates.

This is a Limited Time Offer, if you would like to find out more, contact us today

Operating Principles

  •   Service Provider Focus.
  •   Simple & Effective Reporting.
  •   Save time = Save money.
  •   One platform for all business processes.
  •   Satisfies all staff requirements.

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